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Texts: They Can Wait!

Under no circumstances should you ever drink and drive. Or more broadly, under no circumstances should you ever drive while under the influence of a mind-altering substance. Nor should you be a passenger in a car driven by someone under the influence! Among many reasons, there are two reasons that primarily stick out as to why you should not.

Firstly, it is illegal to drive while intoxicated in every state in the US. But more importantly, the second reason is that driving while under the influence is categorically and absolutely unsafe. Full stop, no doubt about it. Yet people still drink and drive every day.

The reasons people do so are varied, but there is no good excuse. And most people agree on this issue! Even people who drink and drive (or at least have done so before) are usually hesitant to publicly admit to doing it. But what about driving and texting?

You probably did not expect such a sudden change in the topic as a reader. Funnily enough, if you are texting and driving there will be sudden changes that you also will not be able to expect — not from sudden changes in topics but in sudden changes on the road because of the actions of other drivers. As the Jurewitz Law Group points out on its website, texting while driving is illegal and dangerous, too.

Texting and driving is a downright epidemic in America with a large number of American adult drivers admitting that they have texted or used their phone while driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But there is no safety in numbers; just because many Americans text while driving does not make doing so any safer. In fact, there is an opposite effect due to the distracting nature of driving while texting; the more drivers using their phone, the more dangerous of an action it is to text while driving.

Dangers of texting while driving

The effects of driving and using your phone are numerous and none of them are good. Depending on how fast you are driving, a simple glance down to check a text could mean that dozens of yards pass by without the faintest recognition on your behalf. This means that pedestrians, objects, or other things in-place on these unseen paths are at risk of a collision. All because a text was seen as more important.

In addition to not seeing entire segments of the road, texting while driving also causes erratic movements. A driver is likely to quickly and dangerously move a car’s steering wheel if they perceive a danger after ignoring the surroundings to focus on their phone. However, overcorrection is common and a driver’s quick, sudden, and reactionary movements can lead to situations more dangerous than if they had remained on the same path.

And while it is certainly true that people make mistakes on the road even without texting and driving, it is simply a fact that driving with distractions like a cellphone make it all the easier to make mistakes and potentially hurt other people. No text is worth it, wait to read and respond to them until you are finished driving.

Single-car crash on I-5 claims life of Sacramento man

A single car accident on Interstate 5 claimed the life of one man and caused injury to the driver on Saturday morning. According to authorities, the accident occurred around 4:00 a.m., when the 21-year old woman who was driving the car swerved off the road and crashed while heading southbound on I-5 near Airport Blvd.

The crash was so violent that the vehicle erupted in flames and was fully engulfed in fire by the time emergency responders arrived on the scene. According to the California Highway Patrol, people pulled over to lend assistance, but there were no actual witnesses to the accident itself. The deceased was reportedly a 25-year old man, while the injured driver was a 21-year old who suffered a broken leg in the crash.

ABC 10 news reports: “Numerous people stopped to help, including one driver of a big rig, who ended up pulling the driver of this car away from the scene as it was becoming fully engulfed.” California Highway Patrol officials do not yet know the exact cause of the crash but are currently still investigating. They don’t believe that alcohol or drugs were involved, but the final determination will come down once a thorough investigation is conducted.

In the meantime, the family will be forced to deal with the loss of a loved one. Following a devastating car crash, there are many stages, including the immediate grief that comes with such a devastating loss. The family must also consider funeral expenses and the costs of managing the individual’s estate. While it is difficult to consider taking legal action following a tragic death caused by a car accident, the family may also be considering legal action against the driver if it is found that she behaved in a reckless or negligent manner and caused the death of her passenger.

Families do not deserve to lose a loved one in a senseless accident, and if they feel that the accident could have been avoided if the driver had behaved in a responsible manner. It is often unthinkable for many to file a lawsuit, but it may be necessary to secure compensation for the expenses associated with the person’s death, as well as compensation for the family’s loss on an emotional level.

The family of the deceased will have to decide what (if any) action they want to take following the tragic loss of their son. They may wish to consult with a car accident attorney in Sacramento like this one that I found, who handles these types of legal claims. They may decide that they do not want to pursue legal action as well, and no one can tell them that they are right or wrong, regardless of what they decide to do. During this trying time, it is best for the family to stick together, go through the grieving process, and try to move on with their lives, no matter how difficult that may seem in the aftermath of such a senseless tragedy.


Traumatic Brain Injuries: The Devastating Consequence of Automobile Accidents

Car accidents can lead to many different injuries, but perhaps among the most devastating of them all are traumatic brain injuries. As many know, a traumatic brain injury is a serious medical condition that can affect some of the most basic bodily functions. It can be caused by any forceful blow to the head or a foreign object that penetrates the skull.

A traumatic brain injury can either be temporary or permanent. With the former, injured individual will likely experience dysfunction in certain bodily functions regulated by the part of the brain that has been injured in the accident. Fortunately, these functions can be regained in time through proper treatment and rehabilitation. In some instances, damage caused by trauma to the brain can also be permanent. This will lead to paralysis or brain death.

The most alarming thing about traumatic brain injuries is that they’re often not easy to catch. In some cases, individuals walk away from car accidents without any concerning symptoms. Minor concussions can be easily ignored as a simple bump to the head. It is only after some time that the effects of some traumatic brain injuries can be outwardly spotted, and in some cases, it might already be too late to treat when this happen.

Victims of car accidents are encouraged to watch out for symptoms that may suggest a traumatic brain injury. Symptoms such as persisting headaches, disorientation, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of balance and coordination may suggest something more serious. In these cases, it’s important to seek emergency medical treatment right away. After some time, these symptoms might worsen and lead to seizures, convulsions, and a loss of consciousness.

Traumatic brain injuries are among the many devastating consequences that could come from an automobile accident. In instances of serious crashes that lead to such injuries, both the victims and their families are encouraged to seek legal counsel to receive information on how they can receive compensation for the many damages they incurred due to the accident.

Are Truck Accidents Different from Automobile Accidents?

Trucks are automobiles too, aren’t they? In the most basic of definitions, they transport one thing to another place. So why are accidents concerning them different from each other?

According to the website of the lawyers with Evans Moore, LLC, the difference is in the potential they have. A regular, relatively large automobile can be at around 4000 to 8000 pounds of metal. It can be truly devastating if the car is involved in an accident, especially if it’s on the road. But the thing about car accidents is that they don’t necessarily have to happen while on the road. A lot of automobile accidents happen in a parking lot, for example, with little else to complain about but a banged up passenger door or maybe a fallen bumper.

Sufferers of truck accidents might just call you lucky because of that.

Given the image of the automobile before, can you then try to compare the weight of a truck and the impact that the damage of 80,000 pounds of eighteen-wheeled metal can do to a busy highway or even a packed parking garage? And 80,000 pounds is the maximum allowable limit for a truck to carry without a permit – which means they can be heavier than that.

The potential for destruction and damage is what separates the two, which is why there are federal laws that even give truck drivers restrictions. Where regular automobile accidents can be personally devastating in itself, the could be entire towns or cities that are affected by one wayward eighteen-wheeler truck, which then begs the necessity for these kinds of rules and regulations. There are only a definite number of hours that a truck driver is allowed to consecutively drive a truck per day, for example.

Have you suffered an accident due to a truck or an automobile? If you have, it is advisable to contact experienced legal help in order to be given the best help possible following the situation.

Possible Causes of Car Accidents Insurance Companies take into Account

There are many reasons why your insurance company may increase your premiums. This could be because of a speeding ticket, an arrest for drunk driving, even the addition of your 19-year old nephew to your household. Your premiums are a reflection of what the insurance company calculates to be commensurate against your risk to cause car accidents. However, your premiums may also increase even if you have no record of unsafe driving. Here are some factors that insurers believe will be possible causes of car accidents.


Once you hit 50, your insurance premiums will go up. This may seem unreasonable as statistics show that older people tend to be safer drivers. However, the actuarial tables take into account the fact that older people have slower reflexes and longer reaction times. When a pedestrian unexpectedly crosses a street, for example, you may not step on the brake fast enough. Older people may also take medication that may affect their driving skills. Some medications can even manifest as drunk driving behavior, and although a Dallas DUI lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter can use this as a defense when taken together with your spotless driving record, it will not improve your premiums in the slightest.

Marital Status and Credit Rating

Insurance companies consider single people and those with bad credit as more likely to be irresponsible and take more risks. Justifiable or not, this is one of the factors that they consider. It is true that single people tend to get involved in more serious accidents (and thus cost insurance companies more) than married drivers. According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, serious injuries can have far-reaching consequences for all concerned, and insurance companies don’t like that.

It does not matter if you have a good driving record. Insurance companies are experts at minimizing their exposure in cases of car accidents. In case they have to pay up in the end, they make you pay up front.