Possible Causes of Car Accidents Insurance Companies take into Account

There are many reasons why your insurance company may increase your premiums. This could be because of a speeding ticket, an arrest for drunk driving, even the addition of your 19-year old nephew to your household. Your premiums are a reflection of what the insurance company calculates to be commensurate against your risk to cause car accidents. However, your premiums may also increase even if you have no record of unsafe driving. Here are some factors that insurers believe will be possible causes of car accidents.


Once you hit 50, your insurance premiums will go up. This may seem unreasonable as statistics show that older people tend to be safer drivers. However, the actuarial tables take into account the fact that older people have slower reflexes and longer reaction times. When a pedestrian unexpectedly crosses a street, for example, you may not step on the brake fast enough. Older people may also take medication that may affect their driving skills. Some medications can even manifest as drunk driving behavior, and although a Dallas DUI lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter can use this as a defense when taken together with your spotless driving record, it will not improve your premiums in the slightest.

Marital Status and Credit Rating

Insurance companies consider single people and those with bad credit as more likely to be irresponsible and take more risks. Justifiable or not, this is one of the factors that they consider. It is true that single people tend to get involved in more serious accidents (and thus cost insurance companies more) than married drivers. According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, serious injuries can have far-reaching consequences for all concerned, and insurance companies don’t like that.

It does not matter if you have a good driving record. Insurance companies are experts at minimizing their exposure in cases of car accidents. In case they have to pay up in the end, they make you pay up front.

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