Texts: They Can Wait!

Under no circumstances should you ever drink and drive. Or more broadly, under no circumstances should you ever drive while under the influence of a mind-altering substance. Nor should you be a passenger in a car driven by someone under the influence! Among many reasons, there are two reasons that primarily stick out as to why you should not.

Firstly, it is illegal to drive while intoxicated in every state in the US. But more importantly, the second reason is that driving while under the influence is categorically and absolutely unsafe. Full stop, no doubt about it. Yet people still drink and drive every day.

The reasons people do so are varied, but there is no good excuse. And most people agree on this issue! Even people who drink and drive (or at least have done so before) are usually hesitant to publicly admit to doing it. But what about driving and texting?

You probably did not expect such a sudden change in the topic as a reader. Funnily enough, if you are texting and driving there will be sudden changes that you also will not be able to expect — not from sudden changes in topics but in sudden changes on the road because of the actions of other drivers. As the Jurewitz Law Group points out on its website, texting while driving is illegal and dangerous, too.

Texting and driving is a downright epidemic in America with a large number of American adult drivers admitting that they have texted or used their phone while driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But there is no safety in numbers; just because many Americans text while driving does not make doing so any safer. In fact, there is an opposite effect due to the distracting nature of driving while texting; the more drivers using their phone, the more dangerous of an action it is to text while driving.

Dangers of texting while driving

The effects of driving and using your phone are numerous and none of them are good. Depending on how fast you are driving, a simple glance down to check a text could mean that dozens of yards pass by without the faintest recognition on your behalf. This means that pedestrians, objects, or other things in-place on these unseen paths are at risk of a collision. All because a text was seen as more important.

In addition to not seeing entire segments of the road, texting while driving also causes erratic movements. A driver is likely to quickly and dangerously move a car’s steering wheel if they perceive a danger after ignoring the surroundings to focus on their phone. However, overcorrection is common and a driver’s quick, sudden, and reactionary movements can lead to situations more dangerous than if they had remained on the same path.

And while it is certainly true that people make mistakes on the road even without texting and driving, it is simply a fact that driving with distractions like a cellphone make it all the easier to make mistakes and potentially hurt other people. No text is worth it, wait to read and respond to them until you are finished driving.

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